Rad Hair For Rad People

Our salon environment fosters inclusivity and individuality. We actively nurture self-expression with a safe space for all backgrounds and identities.

Talking Heads West Philly Graphic

Hair Louder than everyone else

At Talking Headz, we’ve spent over a decade showing Philadelphia that we do “rad hair for rad people.”

Our space is energetic and colorful, our staff is vibrant and lively, but our vision and mission are simple- all that matters to us is that you look like you, whatever your best version may be.

Our definition of rad is a salon environment that fosters inclusivity and individuality, is actively nutritive to self-expression, creates a safe space for all backgrounds and identities, charitably contributes to helping advance the community, and helps our clients strive to thrive.

Talking Headz is a collective spirit hell-bent on working hard and rocking out, all while focusing on our commitment to the community and our continued efforts in helping you express yourself. We’re proud of who you are, and we’re grateful to have the opportunity to help maintain your vision.

Stop by, say hello, pet our cat, check out retail from local artists, and ask us more. We’d be happy to show you how rad you and your hair can be.


Logo of a dogs head on top of a spade
Young woman wearing a belly dancer mask
Close-up photo of a silver, pink, and orange gradient dye on a curly-haired client
Young woman modeling bright orange hair dye and cut
Back shot of a woman with bright purple dyed hair


> As of May 1st, 2024, a 3% surcharge will be added to all  transactions to help us offset the cost of accepting credit and debit card payments. This fee will be waived for anyone who chooses to pay cash.* 

> Talking Headz DOES NOT accept credit or debit card tips. Please tip in cash or though Venmo.*

*We have an ATM conveniently located inside the salon for client use.